Support further development of Archiescampings!

You can use my poi's for free. However, there are costs involved (hosting, soft- and hardware investments), which I try to maintain from donations.
Please, read the wordfile you will find in your download for more information.
Translation: Val. Thanks !!
A new way to let your fellow campers know about the possibilities of Archiescampings!

You can use it as a flyer, which you can give to anyone who is interested, or you can leave some at the information desk of the campsite.

The flyer (A6 format) can be downloaded both in color or black and white by clicking on the image. Just print and cut.

It is in your interest too that as many people as possible know about, and use, Archiescampings, as this helps keep information up to date
- for instance notification about new and closed campsites.